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Here I go again after 40 yrs self-employed, Double Major from attending 3 great Colleges/Universities which I paid 100% w/o funds from anyone or any entity. And NOW my interest has become my maim income source since 2005, I own 140 domain names & over 500 self-built websites that originally do not resolve on smaller digital devices or tablets but now modern WordPress themes have tons of “builders”, “widgets”, “plugins”, “video apps” & much much more. This has been MORE of an educational experience than the college degrees, Real Estate & Insurance Licenses I have obtained sine 1988 ( ECU’76 ) Now I can help YOU in your business with great web designs to Google Maps, Search Engine placements to videos that capture more attention than any method used online today. I am Bob Prince, father, grandfather, brother { 5 siblings } two ex-wives & now 17 happy single years now raising my two handsome & smart grandsons since 2011 today they are 12 & 14. That is a HUGE challenge in itself. I have been able to secure a “Dedicated Server” where my web sites & my clients park their domains where it is safer & more secure than the “Open” hosting accounts on the internet. Let’s talk about helping your business increase your bottom line with the many web tolls I have acquired in 15 years. Cheers Bob Prince  <>< 1-910-541-1590

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search engine optimization has become increasingly difficult over the years as the number of web sites have grown, and the competition for keywords has increased. Luckily, we have been studying and applying search engine optimization...

You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For Social media marketing has entered the forefront of business advertising in recent years and shows no signs of letting up. Companies are scrambling to hire social media consultants because they realize its true potential, though many are not...

Bob Prince

I Do Not Have a Traditional or Common Website Developer’s Background   “All About The Money” Business Mentality”   Therefore, my “About Me” page has no intention of impressing you with a list of the sites I’ve made, or my credentials, or the companies I’ve worked for,...

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