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Here I go again after 40 yrs self-employed, Double Major from attending 3 great Colleges/Universities which I paid 100% w/o funds from anyone or any entity. And NOW my interest has become my maim income source since 2005, I own 120 domain names & over 500 self-built websites that originally do not resolve on smaller digital devices or tablets but now modern WordPress themes have tons of “builders”, “widgets”, “plugins”, “video apps” & much much more. This has been MORE of an educational experience than the college degrees, Real Estate & Insurance Licenses I have obtained sine 1988 ( ECU’76 ) Now I can help YOU in your business with great web designs to Google Maps, Search Engine placements to videos that capture more attention than any method used online today. I am Bob Prince, father, grandfather, brother { 5 siblings } two ex-wives & now 15 happy single years now raising my two handsome & smart grandsons since 2011 today they are 10 & 12. That is a HUGE challenge in itself. I have been able to secure a “Dedicated Server” where my web sites & my clients park their domains where it is safer & more secure than the “Open” hosting accounts on the internet. Let’s talk about helping your business increase your bottom line with the many web tolls I have acquired in 15 years. Cheers Bob Prince  <>< 1-910-541-1590

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Since this is a  new Theme on am older DOMAIN NAME ( helps in SEO page placements ) I will Post items that may inyeret you from time to time and possible post new videos here ) Really looking forward to this new site theme..

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It's late February and I purchased this theme for this "aged-domain" for Marketing Videos. So this is still a brief work in progress. Check by in a few days to see some changes as well as new commercial for business videos to sell to the market. See ya soon. bp .

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A lot of this web site designs, seo, videos is mundane stuff but there are many times when this computer to internet-server with too many things to do it might have more profitable to have gone to Law School once out of ECU !.

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